Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons

Sugary dots on paper tape

I saw Candy Buttons for sale at Cracker Barrel the other day. I remember getting Candy Buttons from Stuckey’s when we would take family trips to Colorado from Missouri, driving across Kansas on Interstate 70. Stuckey’s was a roadside convenience store/gas station/truck stop much like Flying J or T/A is today.

The Candy Buttons, also called candy dots, come on paper strips, either a long strip or a short strip. I usually got the long strip, because it was a long journey across Kansas. The Cumberland Valley Candy Company used to make the candy buttons, but they are now made by Necco.

There are three flavors of the sugary dots, cherry, lime and lemon. The colors are pink, blue, and yellow. The only flavor I really remember is the cherry, so that was probably my favorite. I do remember that most of the time, the dots would not come off of the paper easily, so you ate a little bit of paper with each candy button.

I also remember arguing with a friend about the proper way to eat candy buttons. She insisted on eating the dots right off the paper strip, while I would pull each dot individually off the paper and eat it. I don’t know which way was the right way, or if there even was a right way to eat the candy. I just preferred not to get my face all sticky from the other candy on the strip.

If you want to take a trip down candy memory lane, check out Old Time Candy. They have Candy Buttons, and other “candy you ate as a kid”.