Christmas Peeps? Where will it end?

Christmas Peeps? Where will it end?

For this Peeps purist, the crossover is nothing short of betrayal.

Ever since I was a kid there have been certain candies that were harbingers of the various holiday seasons. Candy canes were the first pepperminty signs of Christmas and Peeps lorded over the Easter candy aisle.

But, over the years, somehow the lines have been blurred, and while you don't see candy canes making appearances in the shapes of Easter eggs, it's a fair bet you'll find Peeps in snowmen's clothing. In fact, they've pretty much found their way into every holiday candy display all year round.

Now, I realize the change was purely business. Settling for one holiday doesn't make economic sense when you can make small adjustments in your products and work your way into other seasonal markets. Still, it feels like a betrayal to look down the holiday candy aisle and see those sugar-sprinkled gobs of marshmallowy deliciousness masquerading as snowmen and Christmas trees.

And then, as if that wasn't enough, they've started dabbling in other flavors too. It's not just sugar-flavored sugar anymore. They've also started making specialty Christmas peeps in Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie and Candy Cane flavors. WHAT?

My world was rocked when Peeps strayed from yellow birds to purple Easter bunnies, but this other holiday movement is starting to really shake me at my foundation. At the risk of sounding like an intolerant holiday candy bigot, I have to say I'm uncomfortable with the whole thing. What's next, Peeps? How do you sleep at night? Is there nothing sacred anymore?