Chunky Bar

Chunky Bar

A chunk of chocolate with nuts and raisins

I was never really a fan of the Chunky candy bar. You know Chunky, that trapezoid-shaped chunk of chocolate with nuts and raisins? I honestly didn’t even know that they still made Chunky until I saw them at the local dollar store the other day.

Stewie Griffin of “Family Guy” expresses my sentiments on the Chunky bar perfectly. “Yeah, that’s what kids want in their candy. Fruit.” Nope, that just doesn’t work. I think I maybe had a Chunky once in my life. And then, it was only a bite, because, after all, there was fruit in it. And not just any fruit. Raisins. I hate raisins.

Originally, the Chunky bar contained brazil nuts, cashews, raisins, and, of course, chocolate. Somewhere along the line, the brazil nuts and cashews became peanuts. The Chunky bar was created in the 1930s by New York candy maker Phillip Silvershein. He named it after his chunky baby granddaughter. Yeah, that’s a legacy I want to have.

The Chunky bar became popular when William Wrigley of gum fame, who was a friend of Silvershein, displayed the chocolates next to his gum. Later on, the Nestle candy company bought Chunky, and made a pecan version (instead of peanuts) and also a dark chocolate version with peanuts and raisins. I don’t know if Nestle still makes Chunky bars or not. They are not listed on the Nestle website that I can find, but several online candy stores, as well as dollar stores, still offer the Chunky bars for sale. So, if you like fruit with your chocolate, you might want to check out a Chunky.