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A kosher, low-fat candy

For a long time as a child, Twizzlers cherry-flavored licorice twists was the only candy my younger brother would eat. He always had a bag of Twizzlers with him. His favorite after school snack was Slim Jims and Twizzlers. Odd combination, but it worked for him.

Twizzlers candy was invented in 1845 by the Young & Smylie confectionary, which later became Y&S Candy Co. Hersheys Foods Corporation acquired the Y&S Candy Co., and Twizzlers, in 1977. Twizzlers was the most popular creation of Y&S.

The original Twizzlers candy was a twisted licorice-flavored rope. It is now available in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. The twists are available in strawberry, cherry, chocolate, black licorice and rainbow flavors. The rainbow flavors, introduced in 2006, include orange, grape, strawberry and lemonade. Pull ‘n Peel Twizzlers were introduced in 1994 and are available in cherry and watermelon flavors. Bites and Nibs are available in cherry and black licorice. These are relatively the same, except that the Bites are bite-sized and have a unique texture, and the Nibs are great for nibbling. The newest Twizzlers, introduced in 2009, are sweet & sour filled twists, with Citrus Punch and Cherry Kick flavors.

Twizzlers is a great low-fat candy. Twizzlers products are certified as kosher, and are approved by PETA as a vegan confection. They are a popular candy at movie theaters. Twizzlers are easy to eat, it’s not a messy candy, and it tastes good too. My favorite Twizzlers product is the Cherry Bites.