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Simple Delish: Nestle-Carnation Fudge Kit

A sweet, chocolatey confection is only a few steps away.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite holiday morsels was my aunt's fudge. It was the perfect mix of creamy, chocolatey richness...every bite was pure indulgence. It was her specialty, and the whole family went nuts for it every Christmas Eve. Year after year, my other aunts would ask for the recipe, and year after year, their requests would fall on deaf ears. My aunt's fudge recipe is still a secret to this day.


And, since she won't humor even her favorite niece and just pass it along, I've tried to find something comparable over the last few years. The results have been grim so far, and I've all but lost hope.


My husband did, however, stumble upon a quick kit from Nestle-Carnation that makes some pretty sweet treats with very little fuss. Their Rich & Chocolatey Famous Fudge Kit is incredibly easy to use and yields some delicious, creamy fudge if you do it right.


The kit is very basic: marshmallows, chocolate chips, evaporated milk, sugar mix and a disposable tray. The instructions are equally simple and easy to follow, making it great kit for beginners to the fudge making scene.


There are really two factors that can be the downfall of the Famous Fudge experience, temperature and over- or under-stirring. You have to be very careful to follow the written instructions closely or you're going to get dry, nearly inedible fudge.


If your aunt is as tight-lipped about her fudge recipe as mine is, I recommend giving the Nestle-Carnation Famous Fudge Kit a shot. As long as you don't fudge the steps, you're in for a delectable, chocolatey treat.